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[交通] 新加坡国际港务集团

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网站: 新加坡国际港务集团
网址: https://www.globalpsa.com/
PSA Horizons,
1 Harbour Drive,
Singapore 117352

+65 62747111

PSA International (PSA) is a leading global port operator and trusted partner to cargo stakeholders. Currently, PSA’s portfolio comprises over 60 deepsea, rail and inland terminals, across more than 170 locations in 45 countries – including two flagship port operations in Singapore and Belgium. Drawing on the deep expertise and experience from a diverse global team, PSA collaborates with its customers and partners to develop world-class port ecosystems and deliver innovative supply chain solutions to accelerate the shift towards sustainable trade. Visit us at www.globalpsa.com, or follow us on LinkedIn and Facebook (@globalpsa).
PSA International(PSA)是全球领先的港口运营商,也是货运利益相关者值得信赖的合作伙伴。目前,PSA的投资组合包括60多个深海、铁路和内陆码头,遍布45个国家的170多个地点,包括在新加坡和比利时的两个旗舰港口业务。凭借来自多元化全球团队的深厚专业知识和经验,PSA与客户和合作伙伴合作,开发世界级的港口生态系统,并提供创新的供应链解决方案,以加速向可持续贸易的转变。请访问我们的网站www.globalpsa.com,或在LinkedIn和Facebook上关注我们(@globalpsa)。

PSA was formerly the Port of Singapore Authority, a statutory board regulating, developing, operating and promoting the Port of Singapore. In 1996, PSA’s regulatory functions were transferred to the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore. PSA Corporation Limited (the corporate successor to the Port of Singapore Authority) was subsequently established in 1997 to manage and commercially operate container terminals and related businesses in the Port of Singapore. In December 2003, PSA International Pte Ltd became the investment holding company for PSA’s group of businesses worldwide.
新加坡港务局的前身是新加坡港务局,是一个监管、发展、运营和推广新加坡港口的法定机构。1996年,港务集团的监管职能移交给新加坡海事和港务局。PSA Corporation Limited(新加坡港务局的企业继承人)随后于1997年成立,负责管理和商业运营新加坡港的集装箱码头和相关业务。2003年12月,PSA国际私人有限公司成为PSA全球业务集团的投资控股公司。

PSA’s operating entities are organised into five business regions – Southeast Asia, Middle East South Asia, Northeast Asia, Europe and Mediterranean, Americas – each headed by a regional chief executive officer responsible for its business performance. The regional CEOs report to the group CEO who is assisted by a small team of senior executives at the Corporate Centre.

Growth 增长

In the 1970s, PSA took the pioneering step of building a container port in Singapore, and handled its first container ship in 1972. Container volumes grew rapidly. In 1982, the number of containers handled crossed the one-million-TEU mark.

By 1990, container volumes handled by PSA Singapore Terminals grew to 5 million TEUs making Singapore the world’s largest container port.

PSA took the first step in becoming a global terminal operator in 1996 when it embarked on its first overseas venture in Dalian, China. Today, PSA is a world leading ports and terminals group.

Global Experience 全球经验
PSA is a global brand name known for its efficiency, speed and reliability. It is a global leader in the ports and terminals business, partnering with port authorities, business agencies and MNCs to develop, manage and operate world class port projects at every corner of the globe. With its proven track record, PSA offers its customers a wealth of experience and expertise earned over four decades in the container hub business.

Customer Focus 客户为中心
At PSA, we pride ourselves on our excellent customer relations. We believe that customer service and satisfaction are fundamental to successful partnerships, and we constantly seek innovative ways to create value for our customers and help them boost productivity. PSA works closely with many of the world’s shipping lines, using our collective skills, knowledge and experience to anticipate our customers’ every need and deliver even more. PSA has the flexibility to customise our services according to a shipping line customer’s individual requirements

Operational Excellence 卓越运营
For more than four decades, PSA continuously developed and upgraded its container handling infrastructure, pioneered new systems and processes and streamlined operations to meet the rapid growth in its container terminal business.

PSA Singapore handles about a fifth of the world’s transhipped containers. Managing, moving and tracking such huge numbers of containers is an immensely complex operation. PSA has the tested and proven systems and technology to keep operations running smoothly and efficiently, 24 hours a day.

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